Friday, 26. January 2007

See you in two weeks, I am on the beach

Announcement: I will be on holiday, sailing in the Carribean, for the next two weeks. I will be back at around 13th February. Leo Sauermann will not answer your e-mails, phone calls or anything else, I will be offline.

We are sailing on a big catamaran, starting in Martinique and then, who knows where the wind brings us. Its ten people on a boat, and I think we will have a lot of things to do, like drinking beer and getting a sun tan.

In the meantime, here are some pics from our last sailing trip, enjoy:




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anjeve (guest) - 26. Jan, 20:49


habt spass! und macht viele photos :)

awesome pictures!

It looks like you guys had a good time. Now I’m thinking about working very very hard in the next months so I can also have an awesome getaway in the next month.

Semantic Desktop Article in "Technology Review"

The word is out there - the german "Technology Review" magazine, a partner of MIT's technology review, has published an article about the semantic desktop and myself in its februar issue.

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If you happen to be in a german-speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, go to a good bookstore and buy the february 2007 issue. The article sums up my idea of a Semantic Desktop very good, and they also have nice articles on the future of food. The keypoint is, that Semantic Web is a good idea, and Semantic Desktop can help start it.

Gordon Bolduan interviewed me, and I will publish a photo of him interviewing me (which I made) later in February - because I am going on holiday now! see the next post for more...
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Brian (guest) - 26. Jan, 21:26

English Translation

Any possibility of getting an English version?

carmen (guest) - 27. Jan, 09:01

does the MIT-press bookstore have the german edition on hand?
leobard - 9. Feb, 23:07

english translation...

Hi Brian, I don't know if the english version of the TP is copying articles from the german one. I can translate it myself, although I have to check with the magazine if this is ok.
chain saw (guest) - 10. Sep, 04:59

english translation

Any word on whether you'll be able to post an english translation?? I searched for you on the English Technology Press web site but couldn't find anything so I don't think they translated it. I don't see why they would have a problem with you doing that. Unless they don't want people to read their articles. Anyway, even if you can't then just give me the link and I will do it myself with a translator program that I have on my computer. I'd really like to read the article and see what they have to say. I'm just barely delving into the idea of the semantic web and it's hard when all of the articles are in one of the languages I don't speak. Give me Italian, give me Arabic. Heck, give me Czech. But not German. Anyway, if you don't still have the link can you give me a brief synopsis of the ideas that were coming out of that interview? I'd like to know what I'm missing by not speaking fluent German or knowing quite how to read.

leobard - 11. Sep, 09:46

german article version

the german article version is buy-it-in-print only, there is no link to it.

Contact me via e-mail to and I can help you get it. I will forward these comments to the original article's author, to know more what TR could do.

I don't get the relation between you and the url you left (factory....), so I cannot reach you.
leobard - 21. Sep, 11:03

no english translation

folks, I contacted the author of the German Article on Semantic Desktop, Gordon Bolduan who works at Technology Review. He said that the english TR has published an article on web 3.0/semantic web shortly before the semantic desktop article, and therefore their need for semantic web related stories was fulfilled for the moment.
Technology Review does not publish their articles online, so I also can't put a version on the web.

that said: guys, make a semantic web application that rocks so hard that it breaks news.

Making desktop search worth it: connecting strigi, beagle++, aperture

Did you ever ask yourself why you can't find anything on your own computer, but can find stuff in the internet? Its the great search engines.

On the desktop, the Nepomuk project is aiming to enhance desktop search with semantic features. So additional to asking "where are these files with 'money'" you can ask for things related to job offers within the last month.

Sebastian Trüg (whom you may know because you have been using K3B to burn CDs, watch the "about" window of this KDE app) is leading the Semantic Desktop integration for KDE, and he connected us with many other people, for example Jos van den Oever from the Strigi project.

We have set up a wiki page with plans for the future, and will try to integrate RDF search with fulltext search. This would allow a very generic, "technically beautiful" solution to data indexing, RDF is very generic and reusable and fulltext-indexing is quite handy already.

Pray for us, hold your thumbs, if all goes well, we will agree on one standard and desktop search will rock and roll.
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anonymous (guest) - 29. Jan, 14:41


See also Tracker:
which I believe has an RDF Query interface.


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