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Roadmap for the Web 3.0

Matthew Magain blogged the roadmap for the Web 3.0:


this is a follow-up to my thoughts about the semantic web 2.0

Kudos to Michael Sintek for pointing me to this roadmap.
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George Maney (guest) - 11. Apr, 02:53

Get the Miracles out of the Map

There are many miracles on this map. Semantic databases, semantic search, SaaS, (SOA), and such require very high levels of Semantic Web information quality and information safety to be more that trivially useful. This just isn't going to happen any time soon.
Note that Internet document web is information unsafe. Even so, it works great. The Internet data web is different. Any workable, worthwhile Internet data web must be intrinsically information safe.
All Internet data web architectures so far start with metaphysical information modeling architectures. Today all mainstream information modeling is metaphysical. Entity-relationship and object-oriented are the predominant forms. RDF and all alternatives are just alternative flavors of metaphysical pattern modeling.
Metaphysical modeling is intrinsically low quality and thus intrinsically unsafe. This is readily demonstrable. So metaphysical information modeling mashup interoperability, insurability, and immortality cannot be modeled or managed. This is a killer. It eliminates nearly all customer value potential in data web model mashups.
Today's best institutional data processing operations are a sanity check. Today these are severely limited in scope and scale by workable information safety and quality limits. Model mashups within and among software packages requires ruinously expensive recurrent reverse engineering. Most high value mashups are impractical or infeasible. Those mashups that are done often suffer from reliability problems.
Any workable data web build-out will, in effect, be a huge worldwide data center. This will be millions of times larger than the largest data center operations today. This will involve myriad thousands of independent modeling contexts and myriad millions of models. This simply isn't going to fly with any metaphysical information modeling approach.
Today alternative mechanistic subject modeling methods are limited to the applied science automation software world. These scale without limit and provide fully manageable information safety and quality. Any workable Internet data web must and will ultimately these alterative methods.
Today these mature methods are unknown in the mainstream software world. There is no commodity infrastructure support for this sort of modeling. Moreover, this sort of modeling is incompatible with the huge legacy of SQL RDB data maintained today.
So for the foreseeable future the Internet data web will be limited to a relatively small range of tactical applications that can tolerate information unsafely. These will provide some trivial value. The mother lode of Internet data web innovation value, amounting to at least a trillion dollars in financial market capitalization, will remain far out of reach.

mandybeck - 24. Jun, 16:48


I have checked all the pictures out. It seems like there had been a new one added recently. I went over to the and found lots of variety matters over there. So that's why I feel a bit more confident now than I did earlier.

nike2636 - 28. Jul, 19:38

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bellegardner - 18. Aug, 10:42

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Video Lectures still online

Davor from the Center for knowledge transfer in information technologies/Jozef Stefan Institute wrote an e-mail, pointing to the videos of the ISWC and ESWC conferences. This institution recorded all talks at these conferences and put them online, a valuable resource if you are interested in Semantic Web.

Here is their message:
The videos are online a few months now and we believe that you would be interested in seeing them. They are published on our new video-educational web portal which has more than 1900 educational videos, including various tutorials, workshops, interviews. We hope you will enjoy in your lecture and will browse our portal...
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heraldic logos

Marian Bantjes blogged a year ago about the art of heraldic banner design. First of all: I want such a banner, darn that I don't carry my shield with me every day. Perhaps the back of my Laptop will also do. Second, this aint no bad way of annotation.

"...Corporate logos are most often completely meaningless, or they try to portray something quite complex without having a language to express it.


marian bantje's logo
"Designing logos would be an act of science: careful symbology applied in, yes, a creative and pleasing manner, that tells the tale of mergers, takeovers and change of business. At least then it would all mean something. Anyone could look at a logo and read its history. Logo changes would indicate what had changed. And it wouldn’t matter if the CEO did or didn’t like green; wanted or didn’t want a dog; loved or hated the shape. Then at last, we could look at a new logo and understand, “Ah, a young telecommunications company with sales over $100 million/yr which has merged with a digital company and is transistioning into the entertainment industry. I see.
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semantic weltbild 2.0

Building the Semantic Web is easier together

and then...

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