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Triple-I 2007 Wrapup

As blogged before, I attended the Triple-I conference 2007.

triple-i logo

Summing it up:
  • There are pictures online from me, bblfish (Henry Story), and others.
  • The four Keynotes were interesting, and gave insights both from scientific view (innovation, trends)
  • as from the corporate view (buzzwords, trends, where to invest)
  • DFKI contribute quite much in the field of Knowledge Management, we had several papers published on: the Nepomuk Social Semantic Desktop (with many co-authors), the PIMO personal information model, the ConTag tagging system, Philosophy and Cognitive aspects of Semantic Desktops, and E-Learning
  • Martin Memmel also blogged about his trip to Graz
Papers were I contributed were: Keynotes:
 Keynote Marc Smith demoing Vista "Tagging Game"

The Triple-I is balanced between science, technology fair with customer contacts, and social networking event. For example, enjoy the social event:

Social Event

Klaus Tochtermann and the Know-Center are the main organizers, the newly re-branded Semantic Web Company assisted, as did Salzburg Research. Hermann Maurer was omnipresent, as scientific father of many innovations.

Goodbye Handshake

Here is a short summary of the conference, extending my previous post.
Triple-I was this year not-so-organized during the paper submission phase (they changed paper length once) but on-site, its very well organized. The keynotes are at 09:30, leaving enough time to get your morning coffee. Between the sessions are long 1h breaks to knit your social network. I met many old and new aquaintances and friends. Fine conference.

At the evening of the first day, there was a welcome reception at Minoritensaal.

Second day I presented a haptic personal semantic network, a birthday present from my university friends:

In the afternoon of Thursday, the second day, the FFG and the Innovation Relay Centre Austria organised an International Cooperation Event. I represented DFKI at this Event and revived contacts with old partners and found new possible partners, alltogether a speed dating with 10 people, 20 minutes each. Exhausting, but worth it.

Friday Evening, Andreas Blumauer organized a dinner I was very happy to attend.

Andreas Blumauer:
Andreas Blumauer

Here is what they say about themselves:
The TRIPLE-I Conference series is a joint venture of the conferences I-KNOW, I-MEDIA and I-SEMANTICS. TRIPLE-I reflects the increasing importance and convergence of knowledge management, new media technologies and semantic systems. This unique concept aims at bridging the gaps between the various communities and their technology fields.

Building upon the reputation of the premium conference series I-KNOW and SEMANTICS the upcoming event addresses representatives from academia, industry and public administrations. TRIPLE-I will offer its participants a unique platform either to present latest and leading edge developments or to catch up with the developments of most innovative IT technologies, content applications, business models and emerging market opportunities.
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Aperture - what it can, what we do next

What is the current status of Aperture, where are we heading, what needs to be done?

Aperture is a Java framework for extracting full-text content and metadata from various information systems (e.g. file systems, web sites, mail boxes) and the file formats (e.g. documents, images) occurring in these systems. At the moment, many people use Aperture and we try to compile a list of users on this wiki page:


If you are using Aperture, please give a link there.

We want to make a release in the next months, probably sooner than later, if you have free time and want to fix bugs, be our guest to quicken this ;-)

The next urgent things I would like to do are:
  • fix bugs in aperture - there is one for everyone
  • A better Lucene handler, allowing Lucene developers to use Aperture as framework
  • Make e-mails openable in Thunderbird (in Outlook it works, but Thunderbird's programming model is an open secret only readable in C code). I already tried to understand Thunderbird's API, any new clues welcome.
  • fix the IMAP uris, they were ok in gnowsis but are broken in Aperture, thats an old one.
Danny Ayers blogged about using a mork parser to extract the browsing history of Firefox.

I replied that we may want to have this also in Aperture.

The demork code is here: http://gnowsis.opendfki.de/browser/trunk/demork

Its also packed as JAR with aperture, and used in the ThunderbirdCrawler.

Anyone wants to take this code and improve it to crawl the browsing history? Write a note to Aperture Developers (have to register first)
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