Thursday, 5. May 2005


btw: Ingrid and I are in Paris, visiting John, a friend of Mike from our church in Kaiserslautern.

Its great, Paris is like vienna should be (but more expensive). we are cooking right now, have been out all day. nice to have a few days off from the semantic web....

sitting in the car to paris, i wondered about watching at the clouds: great to sit in a car and watch clouds, look out of the window, let your mind wander. I wonder when I can let my mind wander off in kaiserslautern.
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Buckle Man

Buckle Man - the video every kid in Ohio sees in driving lessons. The lessons are open, you don't have to attend, but everyone wants to see buckleman, so Ohio knows it's hero.
a buck for anyone who mails me the video...

Buckle Man V-204-RES

Produced by the Ohio Department of Highway Safety, this video is directed at a young elementary audience. This is a make-believe story of the battle between Buckle Man, a super hero figure who makes people buckle up, and Heckler, the bad guy who tries to persuade people that they don’t need safety belts. In the end, Heckler is killed in a car wreck because he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. (VHS, 17 ½ mins)
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Spoony (guest) - 16. Aug, 18:43

I remember him....

` I used to live in Ohio, and one day I went out to see the masses at Driver's Ed and indeed, while some of the others were so rowdy they had to sit in the parking lot and watch through the window, I saw Buckleman in his full glory.
` We laughed our asses off!

Brian (guest) - 29. Jan, 10:08

Did you find it yet?

Did anyone find you a copy of Buckle Man?

I've been looking for it every where.

leobard - 13. Feb, 14:29

no, not found it yet

and the buck is still there,
if anyone posts it on google video or youtube, would help...
yacob (guest) - 26. Jun, 15:42

i have it!

my uncle has a bit part as a reporter in the beginning of Buckleman, and i just came across the copy he gave us years ago. i will post it on youtube sometime this summer for all to relive it glory.

hannbanan (guest) - 21. Jul, 22:07

oh my god!

haha, i love that movie! i have been looking for it everywhere on the web! please put it up asap. i recently attended a drivers ed class... i am a late bloomer with driving, and i was one of the oldest 16 yr olds there, and my little group, that matine, my instuctor called "melrose" and we laughed our heads off! we want a copy of it to watch whenever we please, so it would be totally awesome if you could post it on youtube or something... cause its no where, and i thought it would be at least somewhere on the web, but this is the closest site i could get to. please please put it on the web to share buckle man and rapper in all of their wierd glory!

riki (guest) - 29. Mar, 03:50

any video yet?????

I just remembered my sad little driving school, where as a reward for not
being too rowdy we got to watch this video. I want to show it to my husband who is florida born and raised and just doesn't know how great
buckle man is. Thanks for not making me the only ohio kid that
still wants to see buckle man in all his heroic glory.

leobard - 31. Mar, 17:32

not yet..

we should start buckling, ah, buggin to publish it...
Chrissy (guest) - 17. Sep, 08:30


Has anyone found this video? If anyone id love to know about it. If i find it i will be more then willing to put it on youtube.

simsplayah - 19. Oct, 13:29

here's buckleman

Alstair - 30. Jul, 15:13


Thanks for the video, Simsplayah. My kids are loving it. Not going to talk about me. penny stock brokers

samsameer - 28. Sep, 17:37

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